About Eater Space

Eater Space is a site of non-professional sharing opinions on restaurants in the world. It is the fusion between a restaurant guide and a social network, it allows to subscribe to people you trust (family, friends, colleagues, influencers...), and thus obtain a guide gourmet customized according to the advice of his inner circle.


Eater Space has been created and is maintained by Michael Chan, you can contact them if need by email : [email protected]

Hosting company

OVH SAS – 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France

Some frequently asked questions

There are actually already plenty of review sites on restaurants and very known.
Several reasons have pushed me to create Eater Space, first of all, being a gourmet a gourmet, I wanted to have a space with my friends where we could to share our good addresses.
The principle, when we are looking for a good restaurant somewhere, it is to be able to enter an address and get the list of restaurants recommended by friends. This allows you to avoid having a ranking polluted by false opinions or the opinion of persons who do not share the same tastes. Thus, one obtains a custom collation based on the advice of his circle of confidence.
As I was not satisfied by the review sites and that this kind of functionality did not exist, I began to develop Eater Space in 2015. And it's just as well as the web development it is also my passion (and my profession by the way).
Little by little the community grew and other features are added like the creation of lists of restaurants, votes to organize the outputs or the notes guide etc...
So if you adhere to this concept, share your best places with your friends ! ;)
I agree with you, if our friends are not present on the platform, there was not a large world to that subscribe.
After Rome was not built in a day as they say and if you like this concept, start by noting a few restaurants that you like and then share your profile page with your friends and ask them to do the same thing. In any case, this is how I started and as I have friends greedy as me, they have played the game. Today you are a little to small a little more numerous every day to use it, and it's super fun to see that all this work you like. So keep talking about it around you for support Eater Space, a space of greed, sharing, generosity and love <3
And then you can start by subscribing to me :P
Yes you can add it from the home page by clicking on "Add a establishment". You just have to indicate the sign and the address, it will be added as a draft until it is validated.
The advertising is just sufficient to finance the maintenance costs of the site.
For the moment, Eater Space remains a personal site, after an unsuccessful attempt with a friend to turn it into a professional website.
Therefore, currently, we do not earn money, no one is selling anything and you don't try to be money by exploiting, for example, your personal data or data on restaurants, one offers this service free of charge to users and to conservators.
If you do not want to see banner ads while supporting Eater Space, you can use the browser Brave to reward us.
One removes a page restaurant than in cases where the restaurant has closed permanently, or if the page is duplicate. Otherwise it is the same principle as the gastronomic guides, it provides information the most fair possible for users in search of good restaurants, so if the restaurant exists, its page must exist also. Eater Space is a community site where everyone can add their good addresses. Has any time we try to do the bad publicity about the restaurant owners or the money on their backs.
If there are any errors or advice that is questionable, send your requests for correction or moderation by mail : [email protected]
I said that it is currently 2 people to handle your requests and that we our maximum. We can also give you access to a restorer for you can edit your page.