General terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and Conditions of use refer to the consultation of the web site Eater Space, its services and its contents. All content, pages, and files are designated below to as the "Website". The consultation of the Site entails the acceptance without reserve and immediate of these terms and conditions by the visitor, hereinafter referred to as "the User". Eater Space reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice, by updating the present document is available from the page welcome to the Site.

Site Description

The Site presents free of charge, to the User, a comparison of the food places in the world. When a User is interested in a professional, he clicks on a link that it allows you to view the contact information for the professional as well as the opinions of users on this professional.

The content proposed by the Website

The Site provides all its care to offer a good quality site. However, its liability cannot be held liable for the contents that are delivered by the state. The Site provides no warranty as to the names, contact information, brands, illustrations, logos and information various on the professionals, particularly because they can be offered by internet, or treated in an automatic way. All content is broadcast as informational purposes only. In addition, all trademarks and logos belong to their owners their respective, particular on the pages professionals . A form allows you to send a request of modification for each file professional if necessary.

The extraction, by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial of the contents of the Site on another medium, by any means, and in any form whatsoever is prohibited, as is the use, by the making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial of the content of the database, whatever the form.

Special Conditions relating to the notice

There is a function on the Website allowing the user to give his opinion.

Responsibility for the Site

The Site plays the role of a manager's opinion, fully independent third party involved in the collection, aggregation and publication of notices. Operations collection, moderation and return of notice are totally independent operations advertising and sale of products and services carried out on the Site.

Responsibility of the User

The notice that the Website publishes the personal opinions of the author and do not represent, in any manner whatsoever notice, board official Site. In giving its opinion, the User assigns expressly and courtesy of the Site all intellectual property rights related thereto, including the right of reproduction, representation, adaptation, on any support and in any format known or unknown to this day, for the whole world and for the legal duration of protection of the rights copyright. In this framework, the User undertakes not to use the Website to send messages and information about professionals. Thus, when the User communicates his notice, it agrees to :

In addition the User undertakes, without the following list being exhaustive, not to : defame, abuse, harass or threaten anyone, or violate the rights of others, such as, for example, the rights of the person, the right to privacy, the right to human dignity.

The user is finally solely responsible for the comments made in its opinion and as guarantee the Site against any and all claims and/or actions which anyone may bring, and the fact of the dissemination of its notices on the Site. The user will assume all charges and payments related to such people, regardless of the cause or the reason, which may be due or claimed. The Site reserves the discretionary possibility to translate the notice in any language without having to inform the User beforehand.

Verification and Moderation of opinion

In order to have a basis for reliable advice, the Site is brought to contact by e-mail the User to obtain additional information, including a invoice, contract, guarantee or other documentary evidence of the benefits made by the trader commented. The e-mail address, the name and contact information will only be used by the Site for verification purposes and not will be in no way used for commercial purposes.

This procedure helps to avoid :

Once the documents are received, the moderation and publication can take up to 30 working days. A moderation in human a priori is carried out for each notice checked. The Site reserves the right to publish or not to publish the opinion filed by the user if the User does not comply with these terms and Conditions of Use. The User will be notified by mail, regardless of the decision taken. The notice checked with the supporting documents to be marked : Notice checked after sending the invoice by the user.

Conditions archive of the published notices

Once a year, notices are archived as follows :

Deletion/modification of a notice

Once its opinion is published, the User can play his / her right of withdrawal leading to the removal of the notice of consumer. In the case of de-publication of a notice, a trace of it will be kept for subsequent verification of the notice in the context of the evaluation by a trusted third party, and by the control services. During a change of ownership and/or full renovation of a facility, the Site may be contacted by the professional to remove and archive view as well that indicate the information of change on the professional.

Right of reply

In accordance with the law, the professional has a right of reply for each notice published.


The data exchanged (contact form, the filing of notices) are designed exclusively for the Site. You have a right of access, of modification, of rectification and deletion of data concerning you (law "Computer science and Freedoms" of 6 January 1978). For any changes, please contact us by mail : [email protected]


The Website provides links to other sites on the Internet. In the measurement or control of these sites escapes Eater Space, the latter can not be held responsible for any damage, any nature whatsoever, resulting from the content of these external sites or sources, including information, products or services that they provide, or for any use which may be made of these elements.

The relationship

The Site offers a service of direct contact with professionals. The direct relationship between is done by means of a telephone number.

Intellectual property rights

The trademarks and logos cited on the Website are placed by companies who owners. The brand Eater Space has been filed with the INPI.

Update of General terms and Conditions of Use

The Site reserves the right to modify and update, without notice, the the present General Conditions of Use and any and all elements, products or services presented on the site. All of these changes shall be binding the User should consult this page each time.

Applicable law - Attribution of jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Use are subject to the law French. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and enforcement of these conditions will be exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the registered office of the Society editing the Website.